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The NO OBLIGATION American Tackle ProStaff community program is made up of both dedicated men and women from around the world who are passionate about fishing and saving money on the products they fish with.


Connect with Other Anglers | Test The Latest Products | Save Big On New Tackle | WIN FREE STUFF!

There is so much more to the ProStaff than just fishing. You are able to participate at any level that you like on the program. You can simply try one of the products and give us feedback or maybe tell a friend about it.







Fill out the form below to apply to our American Tackle Angler ProStaff program.

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If approved, follow the directions from our ProStaff Team to get your account set up on our Angler Products website

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Frequently asked questions

What is the ProStaff Welcome Package and how do I get it?

When each ProStaffer makes their first order either through Austin taking it or on the American Tackle Angler Products Website, we ship the Welcome Package with that order. It is just a small thank you from AT for signing up to the ProStaff that includes an AT hat, some decals, and other promotional items.

How do I buy the gear and products to test out? Do I get a discount? Do I need a discount code?

-You purchase through ProStaff Rep Austin. Message, email, or call him and he will get you set up

-The other method is purchasing on the American Tackle Angler Products Website (

-To get your ProStaff Discounts, you must be logged into your account on the Angler Products Website

-ProStaffers receive wholesale or below wholesale pricing on all products including exclusive ProStaff products

-ProStaffers do not need a discount code

I am on the ProStaff. What now? How do I participate?

-We leave participation completely up to the ProStaffers

-We will not hound you about participation, posting, or purchasing

-You can follow the AT Facebook page, AT Instagram, the private AT Angler ProStaff Facebook Page, and AT NPS so you are aware of news and announcements

-If you have a Facebook account, definitely join the AT Angler ProStaff Facebook Page. However, it is not mandatory.

-Most important is ordering and fishing the products to grow familiar with them

-You could do product reviews on the Angler Products Website

-You can tell fellow fisherman, friends, family, and more about AT and products

-You could put AT decals on your vehicles and boats

-You could do social media posts and reviews

-You could attend and help out at AT shows and events

-Above is just a few examples of the many ways you could choose to participate

I don’t see any blanks or guides on the ProStaff Shop. How do I buy components from AT?

-Angler ProStaff is completely separate from rod components side of AT

-There are no rod components or building equipment on the Angler ProStaff

-Austin can put you in contact with some options for AT rod components

-You can buy most of our components from our retail distributors Mudhole, Rod Components USA, Angler’s Workshop, and Sunrise Tackle

-The above retailers feature an online shopping cart that you can buy from and have shipped to you

-You could also contact our Builder ProStaffers for rod components and rod building materials