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3KFS Fly Seats

3KFS Fly Seats

  • 3K Gloss Twill
  • Available in Black or TiCH Alum hoods
  • Fits Grips FWA7CS-250 and RWA7CS-250-865
Item Description Length Tenon Length Tenon O.D Tenon I.D. Color Compatible Grips
3KFSB 3K Gloss Twill Fly Seat w/ Black Aluminum Hoods 4.11" (104.6mm) .43" (11.0mm) .866" (22.0mm) .55" (13.97mm) Black See Description
3KFST 3K Gloss Twill Fly Seat w/TiCH Alum Hoods 4.11" (104.6mm) .43" (11.0mm) .866" (22.0mm) .55" (13.97mm) TiCH See Description


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