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American Tackle Bushido Fluorocarbon

American Tackle Bushido Fluorocarbon


American Tackle's Bushido Fluorocarbon is the answer for fishing clear water. The Bushido Fluorocarbon is 100% pure Japanese Fluoro. It is a true flexible fluorocarbon line that casts wonderfully with excellent strength, abrasion resistance and disappears in all tints of water. This line was the winner of the Best Fishing Line award for all of Asia at China Fish 2015!


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This is not a ProStaff exclusive product. ProStaff Products are exclusive items developed to fulfill the demanding requirements of serious anglers; originating from ProStaffers in the field who fish competitively or to earn their living on the water. For more information about the ProStaff program or to apply to our "OBLIGATION FREE" ProStaff buyers program please click HERE


Stock Color Length Test
Model: BFC-6110-S Clear 110 Yards #6
Model: BFC-8110-S Clear 110 Yards #8
Model: BFC-10110-S Clear 110 Yards #10
Model: BFC-12110-S Clear 110 Yards #12
Model: BFC-16110-S Clear 110 Yards #16
Model: BFC-20110-S Clear 110 Yards #20
Model: BFC-25110-S Clear 110 Yards #25
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