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American Tackle JigSkinz

American Tackle JigSkinz


JigSkinz for fishing lures are an incredible innovative shrink wrap to bring old lures or unpainted lure bodies to life with realistic Real life fresh and saltwater bait fish patterns. All it takes is boiling water to shrink the JigSkinz over the lure body. JigSkinz are available in realistic patterns and different sizes for different lures. They work on all types of bodies from plastic, wood, lead and composite.


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If you are not a member of our ProStaff please see in the instructions below.


This is not a ProStaff exclusive product. ProStaff Products are exclusive items developed to fulfill the demanding requirements of serious anglers; originating from ProStaffers in the field who fish competitively or to earn their living on the water. For more information about the ProStaff program or to apply to our "OBLIGATION FREE" ProStaff buyers program please click HERE


Size Skin Model
Small Mackerel Model: JZRLMK-S4
Large Blueback Herring Model: JZRLBBH-L4
Small Blueback Herring Model: JZRLBBH-S4
X-Large Blueback Herring Model: JZRLBBH-XL4
Large Real Life Baltic Herring Model: JZRLBH-L4
Medium Real Life Baltic Herring Model: JZRLBH-M4
Small Real Life Baltic Herring Model: JZRLBH-S4
X-Large Real Life Baltic Herring Model: JZRLBH-XL4
Large Real Life Ballyhoo Model: JZRLBO-L4
Medium Real Life Ballyhoo Model: JZRLBO-M4
Small Real Life Ballyhoo Model: JZRLBO-S4
X-Large Real Life Ballyhoo Model: JZRLBO-XL4
Large Cigar Minnow Model: JZRLCM-L4
Medium Cigar Minnow Model: JZRLCM-M4
Small Cigar Minnow Model: JZRLCM-S4
Large Real Life Flying Fish Model: JZRLFF-L4
Medium Real Life Flying Fish Model: JZRLFF-M4
Small Real Life Flying Fish Model: JZRLFF-S4
X-Large Real Life Flying Fish Model: JZRLFF-XL4
Large Menhaden Model: JZRLMH-L4
Medium Menhaden Model: JZRLMH-M4
Small Menhaden Model: JZRLMH-S4
X-Large Menhaden Model: JZRLMH-XL4
Large Mackerel Model: JZRLMK-L4
Medium Mackerel Model: JZRLMK-M4
Medium Blueback Herring Model: JZRLBBH-M4
X-Large Mackerel Model: JZRLMK-XL4
Large Mullet Model: JZRLML-L4
Medium Mullet Model: JZRLML-M4
Small Mullet Model: JZRLML-S4
X-Large Mullet Model: JZRLML-XL4
Large Real Life Pike Model: JZRLPK-L4
Medium Real Life Pike Model: JZRLPK-M4
Small Real Life Pike Model: JZRLPK-S4
X-Large Real Life Pike Model: JZRLPK-XL4
Large Real Life Perch Model: JZRLPR-L4
Medium Real Life Perch Model: JZRLPR-M4
Small Real Life Perch Model: JZRLPR-S4
X-Large Real Life Perch Model: JZRLPR-XL4
Large Real Life Roach Model: JZRLRH-L4
Medium Real Life Roach Model: JZRLRH-M4
Small Real Life Roach Model: JZRLRH-S4
X-Large Real Life Roach Model: JZRLRH-XL4
Large Sardine Model: JZRLSD-L4
Medium Sardine Model: JZRLSD-M4
Small Sardine Model: JZRLSD-S4
Large Squid Model: JZRLSQ-L4
Medium Squid Model: JZRLSQ-M4
Small Squid Model: JZRLSQ-S4
X-Large Squid Model: JZRLSQ-XL4
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