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American Tackle Wake - Soft Spoon

American Tackle Wake - Soft Spoon


Soft Spoon has a unique zinc S-curved “backbone” encased in a soft plastic body. It sinks slowly and tantalizingly to trigger strikes from any nearby predators.
It is also deadly when retrieved at a variety of speeds throughout the water column. You can work it with a steady crank to target game fish feeding near the surface, or let it descend deeper and employ a slower retrieve to entice fish that are suspending or relating to bottom structure.


While Soft Spoon is specially designed for a slow sink, it is heavy enough to allow optimum castability.


Soft Spoon is available in two sizes: 10cm, 16g and 15cm, 55g. The smaller SoftSpoons are designed for trout, zander and pike fishing. The bigger are especially designed for big pikes.


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This is not a ProStaff exclusive product. ProStaff Products are exclusive items developed to fulfill the demanding requirements of serious anglers; originating from ProStaffers in the field who fish competitively or to earn their living on the water. For more information about the ProStaff program or to apply to our "OBLIGATION FREE" ProStaff buyers program please click HERE


Pelagear resembles baitfish such as smelt, herring, vendace or bleak - those shiny, typically silver-plated parts of the food chain.


• Cut open belly ribs for a more elastic action.
• Cut the head off behind gill line for ball-head hook.

• You can rig a normal ballhead, and if the presentation feels unnatural with a whole lure, you can cut the head of the bait off, and the ball or fishhead hook
• Sits better.


Bigger size is a perfect tool for pike anglers in spots where is plenty of seaweed. Rig Pelagear 8" with #8-12 offset hook and you can fish also deep amongs seaweed.

15cm – 6" 13g – 1/2 oz 5
20cm - 8” 28g – 1 oz 3


Color Size Model
Power Bleak 6 Inch


Blueback Herring 6 Inch

Model: WK-PELA6-BB/H

Green Minnow 6 Inch


Rainbow Herring 6 Inch

Model: WK-PELA6-RN/H

Spawning Char 6 Inch


Sexy Shad 6 Inch


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