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Gyotaku Fish Decals by Marshall Madruga

Gyotaku Fish Decals by Marshall Madruga


All decals are full-color and printed in UV-resistant ink, as well as laser cut for minimal background color. Decal sizes vary by the fish, but are approximately 1” - 2”. Artist-designer, Marshall Madruga created this special product line by combining his lifestyle and unique artwork. Marshall Madruga is a master in the Japanese technique of Gyotaku (gyo=fish / taku=impression). Paint is applied to a REAL FISH and then the fish is printed on a  special Japanese rice paper. Using a REAL FISH keeps the artwork anatomically correct and very unique. Marshall has printed everything from Marlin and Tuna to Trout and Bass.


Model #




Approx: 1”-2”

Gyotaku Fish Decal


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