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Nano-X 4 Braided Line

Nano-X 4 Braided Line



With the new Nano-X 4 strand braided line, American Tackle has developed one of the top performing braided lines using their exclusive high-tech Nano coating finish. Some of the features include:


  • Slicker, Smoother, Stronger
  • Thinner Line Diameter
  • Extended Line Life
  • Smoother, Longer, Quieter Casts
  • Sold in 150 yard spools.


ProStaff members can purchase this product HERE**


If you are not a member of our ProStaff please see in the instructions below.

Stock No. Color Test Diameter Spool Break Strength
NX4-10150BL Blue 10LB .15mm 150 yd. 24lb
NX4-15150BL Blue 15LB .20mm 150 yd. 29lb
NX4-20150BL Blue 20LB .25mm 150 yd. 36lb
NX4-30150BL Blue 30LB .28mm 150 yd. 48lb
NX4-40150BL Blue 40LB .33mm 150 yd. 53lb
NX4-50150BL Blue 50LB .26mm 150 yd. 62lb
NX4-65150BL Blue 65LB .41mm 150 yd. 74lb
NX4-80150BL Blue 80LB .46mm 150 yd. 91lb
NX4-10150CH Chartreuse 10LB .15mm 150 yd. 24lb
NX4-15150CH Chartreuse 15LB .20mm 150 yd. 29lb
NX4-20150CH Chartreuse 20LB .25mm 150 yd. 36lb
NX4-30150CH Chartreuse 30LB .28mm 150 yd. 48lb
NX4-40150CH Chartreuse 40LB .33mm 150 yd. 53lb
NX4-50150CH Chartreuse 50LB .26mm 150 yd. 62lb
NX4-65150CH Chartreuse 65LB .41mm 150 yd. 74lb
NX4-80150CH Chartreuse 80LB .46mm 150 yd. 91lb
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