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ProWrap ColorFast Rod Winding Thread

ProWrap ColorFast Rod Winding Thread


ProWrap™ Color Fast Nylon thread features the same strong tensile strength as the Regular Nylon, but it is pre-treated to withstand the sun's damaging UV rays without the need for a Color Preserver.

The New Standard in Thread Wrap. In development for over a year and rigorously tested by rod builders, ProWrap™ thread is available in 80 colors in both Nylon and Color Fast – in three familiar spool sizes – 100yd, 1oz. and 4oz. The 100yd snap spools work perfectly on power wrappers. ProWrap™ thread features strong tensile strength and bright colors that have been pressure dyed for color consistency.

Stock # Type Size Diameter Spool Size Length
CFS-A Color Fast A .008" 100yds 100yds
CFS-B Color Fast B .009" 100yds 100yds
CFS-D Color Fast D .010" 100yds 100yds
CFM-A Color Fast A .008" 1 oz. 650yds
CFM-B Color Fast B .009" 1 oz. 600yds
CFM-D Color Fast D .010" 1 oz. 300yds
CFL-A Color Fast A .008" 4 oz. 4,800yds
CFL-D Color Fast D .010" 4 oz. 2,300yds
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