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American Tackle has become a standout success on the world stage not only for its much decorated MicroWave guide system, but also for a long line of innovations that have been given the Florida-based company’s unique marketing treatment.

The company’s top team is always on the look-out for the next big thing and believes it has the marketing experience and guile to transform any special product into a global success story.

Co-owner Joe Meehan says: “We are always looking for new opportunities whether we find them or they find us. We work very closely with our clients and value the input which helps us form a business plan with tactics and strategy. Turning wow products into sales is what we do.”

So, what is a wow product? “One that is unique,” says Meehan. “It has to be original and revolutionary in a way that may redefine how people fish. It solves problems and makes the life of an angler easier and his fishing experience better.

“The best ideas are the simplest. They make you ask the question, why didn’t I think of that? It offers a simple solution to a nagging problem.”

However, having a wow product is only half the battle. Getting it to market and ensuring that you have a strategy in place to make the most of the opportunity is crucial. That is where American Tackle comes in.

Meehan says that the MicroWave Guide System, which has won awards at fishing tackle trade shows across the globe, was no overnight success. He said: “When we embarked on marketing it, it was so foreign and controversial. It took time, but we left no marketing avenue untraveled.

“We hammered magazine advertisements and social media. We did casting demonstrations at shows, retail outlets –