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MicroWave Guides: An Innovation of the 2010's That Could Impact The 2020's!

In the 2010's, we've seen numerous companies bring a variety of new concepts, ideas and products to the fishing tackle world - American Tackle was certainly no exception to this, introducing our very own MicroWave Guide Line Control System.

Like any product we offer in our lineup, the MicroWave Guide System went through extensive R&D to ensure its quality and effectiveness - but would the industry see it as merely our latest offering, or something more? Introduced in 2013, the MicroWave Guide System has been the recipient of 6 international industry awards in North America, Europe and Asia - the latest at ICAST 2019 for Best Fishing Accessory. “The [MicroWave] guide looked crazy, but it really worked, allowing anglers to cast further and more accurately.”

We here at American Tackle are extremely proud to be included in Fishing Tackle Retailer's article "5 Fishing Innovations From The 2010's That Could Impact The 2020's". Check the link below to read more. Click here to read the full article >

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